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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day #22 - Letter S Poetry Silliness and Strax and Sweet Pickles....

There are few things that I remember from my childhood with a certainty as "Sweet Pickles" books do. I remember specifically reading the Octopus one while at my childhood dentist.  It's about an octopus that protests everything. He's purple and wears a red jumpsuit. It 's positively the stupidest thing ever, but somewhere there an honesty about the characters.

In the world of "Sweet Pickles" (the town), all of the residents, animals of course, live, work, and play. they all have a particular trait that is distinctly their own and through their story learns about themselves. Of, course the lessons are purely about teaching children about the feelings, emotions, and a person's own personality traits of the adult world in a silly way, but they are entertaining and silly and full of colour.

I was sadden to learn that these books are out-of-print in the 1990's. They ran from the 1977 to the mid 1990's, which is my generations era. But, not so sad, because in 2012, the entire Sweet Books series (the A to Z kind) were released in E-book format, for a new generation of kids.

Another "S" for you is "She and Him", the fantastic duo of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. They are quirky, a bit whimsical, and downright catchy. I fell in live with "In the Sun", but stayed for "I Could've Been Your Girl". Zooey's lyrics are simple and when blended with Ward's musicality, something awesome happens. There are three volumes (CD's) of "She and Him". Sometimes they sound folksy, sometimes country, or they have been known to remind me of a musical theatre number.

To get the full experience check out the "She and Him"  website. Zooey writes and co-writes the songs, except if it's a cover. My favourite cover is "I Should Have Known Better", it's the Beatles cover, so you should've known.

Now, onto the poem for the day. Today's prompt is to write a children's poem. Hoo-boy! Let's do this! And in keeping with the "S" theme; Strax, Song, Shawn Colvin, and Silly. I give you today's poem and dedicated to Amanda Fenn and Roselynn DeCamp, Don Slatt, and Amanda Ardon (who actually sang the song mentioned in the poem for a Summer Review of Sesame Street).

S is for Strax

he is a Sontaran,
that begins with S.
He fights for the Glory
of the Sontaran Empire.
But, he is a Nurse too,
Helping the Doctor,
even though he calls everyone
a boy sometimes.
Oh, Silly Strax!
You want to invade the Moon,
yet there is no one living on the Moon,
except maybe Ernie and Shawn Colvin; or Rose, Don, and Amanda A
for the duration of this Song.

10:30 am

I must get ready, Dear Readers! It's showtime tonight and I have Stuff to attend to.  Have a delightful Tuesday! Remember, I love you and believe in you.

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  1. I'm fond of She and Him, too. (Love "New Girl" as well). Your blog has a lot of positive energy. I can see all your enthusiasm for what you're doing. Hope the Camp Nano goes well for you.

    Stopping by from A to Z Challenge. Carey from abundance in the boondocks


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