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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Madison Avenue Poetry, the Letter I

I...I...I, ice-cream, incisor, Ichabod Crane, Icon, Irony, and I-beams. I am confused but that it normal. I is less easy that I thought. Usually i start listing word and something just clicks. Not today.

Been feeling icky. Not the sick kind of icky. It's the whoa my head is filled with thoughts and things and stuff (both good and bad). Mostly the I am playing Trinculo in a production of the Tempest is a week. I am doing this. To say that I am a little nervous, well yes! This is the time when most actors start freaking out about the show (me included). I am nervous, yes. But I am also feeling invigorated from rehearsal. Especially tonight's rehearsal.

The think about about theatre folks and their ilk, they have a way to calm the fears of their fellows. It's a great community to be involved in. It's like a giant family, hugging and lending support, even in the most unlikely spots.

Other I words, (I took a walk through the dictionary during that little bird walk mentioned above): Iguana, Igloo, Imbolc (the pagan holiday celebrating the beginning of Spring), Ideology, Inca, and Ichthyology (study of fish). There are a lot of fun 'I' words. If nothing else, this trip down the alphabet is teaching me to appreciate all of the words that exist. So, thank you alphabet and words!

Alright, Dear Readers, that is enough of the Letter 'I', time to move on to the NaPoWriMo poem. Tonight's prompts calls for me to write a jingle. I am choosing to write a jingle about writing. Is that too redundant? I hope not. I am, after all, not a jingle writing, nor am I good at advertising. But, I can rhyme and at least I have gotten better.often use as a quick reference guide.

Now, behold, my writing jingle:

Will to Write

To write the words
And rhyme the rhymes
A poet you may be.
Across a thousand times,
When poets and playwrights
Scrape ink across the page.
To the marvel of maybe a few,
Who acclaim that you are all the rage.
That’s what’s in Writing!

It's late, Dear Readers and I still have one more day of work to attend to. It's been a frightfully long week and I am trying to regain some balance. That is to say that I am not unhappy. This is false. I am rather happy, just feeling overwhelmed from this past week. It'll be good to hit Tech Week running. Here comes the Tempest. If you are in the area April 19th, 22nd, 25th, and 26th (Hammondsport, Avoca, and Bath, NY) you should come ans see the show. It's fantastic!

Have a wonderful evening Dear Readers and Sweet Dreams!

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