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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day #27 - Post Tempest Poetry

The first day post "The Tempest". It's been a quiet day, so I haven't a lot to report on. I be have my daily NaPoWriMo poem. Today's prompt is using a photograph to inspire a poem. Maye it's my strong desire to enjoy a laid back relaxing day, but toady's poem is more in the realm of the thoughtful.

I will start fresh today on my regular writing, my WIP's and current blog entry for the month of May. It's been an amazing month of the bard and performing a classic. I shall miss my Tempest peeps, but many of them will still be around, but I won't be seeing them with as much frequency. It'll be a bit of a post-show crash, with catching up on sleep and re-adjusting to not driving to Bath everyday. I got to work closely with my husband, David and one of my best friends, Sara Love; there is also the rest of this amazing cast.

I had such a journey that I guess today's poem only makes sense. Dear Readers, have a restful rest of the weekend.  Check out the other on the Blog Hop!

Upon the Road

Upon the road,
we travel
to the places where we need to go,
upon a journey
called life.

With the sun in your face
and the shoes on your feet,
there's always a place to go.

Called wanderlust, amongst some--
it's an insatiable need to travel,
to see the world.
Yet sometimes,
there's rain and wind
or even snow,
yet the need to sojourn on rings true.

The endless adventure,
that which makes up a life--
the days and weeks
that pass away.
We fill the days with busy work,
jobs, and soccer games;
yet there is always the urge,
the wanderlust
to travel within forest deep
or paved roads to other cities.

it has many faces
and many paths,
the road that you can travel,
can lead you anywhere.
It's like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book,
with each path onto other places.
Remember that the roads
is not just the destination,
but the journey.
Enjoy that as it comes
for all too soon
it'll be over.

Keep the path forward,
with sun at your face,
and press forward
for adventure.

6:10 pm

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  1. Congrats on finishing your current thespian endeavors. As much fun as they are, I like the end of the plays as well. You rediscover all of this time you never realized you had. Hope you make it back to your other goals as well.


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