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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day #16 - The Nields (Letter N) and Lying Poetry

It's a Nields kind of day. The kind of day where the sun is shining, yet it's cold and deceiving. This isn't a slam against the Nields, but with the sudden cold weather I thought about a Nields song, "This Town is Wrong" and having it in the teens last night and snow, the town did feel wrong. while not the exactly the right lyrics, the title did evoke a feeling of wrongness at the weather's change of heart.

The Nields are one of those under the radar bands. I heard of them in college, from a good friend who, loved to make mix tapes, still does. Of course I only knew a song or two of theirs for YEARS, before I rediscovered their music. the same thing happened to Dar Williams and Great Big Sea. Funny how that happens? I really got back into their music because I missed the music I listened to in college, the indie, folksy, comedic music; Moxy Fruvous, Dar Williams, Great Big Sea and the like. At some point after moving back to New York State from Dallas, I rediscovered a number of these artists. I realized that these indie/off-the-beaten path artist were some of my favourites. There is a truth to what these artist write and sing about that I feel is lacking in modern mainstream music (hey, this isn't an M day).

The Nields have this folksy, rustic, earthy sound; like how singers at outdoor concerts sound. These guys
(mostly girls) sound like they are always outside singing. It's kind of neat. Katryna and Nerissa have been recording music since 1992 and they are up to 15 CD and a slew of DVD's, children's books and CD's. what started out has a 5 piece band is currently running as a duo, a sisterly duo. They are still making music in between being mothers and wives. Their music is about life and the real world; open and bare bones. It's spiritual, if you are open to music being spiritual.

So if you interested in learning more about this dynamic duo of sisters, check out their website: The Nields. Some stand out tracks include Jeremy Newborn Street, Mr. Right Now, and  Poem (from the album: If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now, 2000); Easy People, (from the album: Play, 1998). You can even download their 1997 album Gotta Get over Greta free at Bandcamp.

Now, it's time for the poetry part of the blog. Today's prompt is one where I have to use 10 lines that are lies. the lies can be simple or over the top. But they are all lies, lies I tell you!!

I had fun with this poem. A really no brainer. I just told a story and proceeded to twist the facts to fit my desires. I felt like I was writing an assignment for a Middle School English Class. I hope you enjoy it, Dear Readers!

Or it reads like a Shel Silverstein poem! I'm okay with this.

It's a Mad, Mad Lib World!

I woke up this evening at 6:00 am
and saw that the sun was setting in the East.
My eyes beheld a neon green sky
and where I saw turtles that flitted about on little hovercrafts.
It was a grotesque sight, to see the turtle's flights,
especially when the rain is stopping to fall up.

Oh, what a day this night is turning into
as I shut the window and put on my bathrobe,
and go down to the second floor
where I will bid the day a fond farewell.

11:23 am

Last part, my AROW80 update.  It's been a busy week with Tempest going into Tech rehearsals and most of my time being consumed by long rehearsal and less sleep. I am still behind on my Camp NaNoWriMo, but am still writing. Making some progress on the story. Continuing with my blog challenges A to Z and NaPoWriMo. Being reading "The Hunger Games" as well. It not a big update, but it is progress.

Have a great day, Dear Readers! Remember to make the most of you time on this planet, make some awesome art and some good trouble, I'll be seeing you around. Remember to check out the Blog Hop participants. It's good Karma!

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