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Thursday, April 17, 2014

OMG....I'm up to Letter O

I feel like I am on an episode of Sesame Street this month, stating proudly that today's Letter is the letter O. And like Lord Chatterly, I am feeling Overwhelmed by the Obstructions.

Today I wanted to mention the Oxford English Dictionary, the Oods, and Orchestras. I played violin for nine years in school, that included playing for the Orchestra. But I am feeling Out-of-My-Mind. So, this will be a short blog.

My brain is not focusing on anything at the moment. I have my little purple radio, blasting (quietly) Oldies, Fleetwood Mac, I think. My lunch consumed. Overtly trying to get through the day, but internally I am focused on tonight the Outrageous Full Tech Rehearsal.

There is this ongoing internal monologue that has been playing in my head, running lines, remembering blocking, and trying to spread the word about the show. It's always exciting and scary when the show you have been rehearsing since January is going up in two day.

OMG, 2 day! Yep, that's where I am right now! ~deep breaths~ I got this! I know, Dear Readers, maybe not the most exciting blog entry for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, but it's an honest One. I could have read the dictionary for this One, but I decided to just make it a roving commentary blog, including what O words and concept into the entry.

So, enjoy this sunny day (hopefully it's sunny when you read this, or at least you are comfortable while read it and enjoy a few O related things: OED, Oods, Orchestras, and Eddie from Ohio. Have a wonderful Thursday, Dear Readers!

Oxford English Dictionary
Elder Oods


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