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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day #15: Half way to Terza Rima and Mirth (Letter M)

M is for Mirth, and even now, I am filled with Mirth and Merriment. Something about tech (hell) week get me giddy. Probably the lack of sleep and the long days. But, there is this underlying feeling of mirth. Often one will just burst into laughter, or if an actor(s) are on stage and are hamming it up, then often the cast (who most often are watching the scenes they are not in) will start laughing, thus filling the theatre with sounds of mirth and merriment.

If asked, when that is what I say theatre leads to, lots of laughing and good cheer (even the sad scenes).

Today is a good day for some mirth. It is snowy and quite cold now, after having a fabulous weekend of sunshine and 80 degrees. It makes it harder to be merry and full of thine own mirth. Never fear, where there are theatre folks, there will be mirth a plenty.

So, I say, to Mirth! ~raises a glass~ My we always have it in abundance!

With that being said, I turn the second half of this blog over the Bard and NaPoWri Mo...

Shakespeare is in clearly in my head and and my brain. So, I felt that today's NaPoWriMo prompt was made for this, Terza Rima. A poem that uses a simple rhyme scheme of any number of stanzas using the following scheme[ABA, BCB, CDC....etc] and ending with a sentence using the rhyme from the middle line of the previous stanza. Made popular by Dante Alighieri with his Divine Comedy. Often Terza Rima's uses iambic pentameter in it' verses, which is more of a challenge to write in.

Sounds easy? Well, it some ways, yes.But, I have spent time writing in iambic pentameter, so I find it easier.

I went a wrote a couple, because even though one poem is nice, sometimes I can't help myself. The bard himself is much a muse to me as others, so I had to borrow some images to write these poem. See if you can guess either what shows I am referencing, or more specifically what part of the show, Dear Readers? Leave me a comment below. I love to know what my poems spark in people. There are no right or wrong answers here.

Rude Men Theatrics

Within the leafy treetop covered domes,
there are men who call themselves the rustics;
to rehearse the words from the ancient tomes.

They seek to entertain royal eccentrics
With their performance that is all their joy;
Filled to brimming with Mirth and all Mystics.

They seek by their idiocy, annoy
In honest pursuit of all thespians
They still try so hard to put forth employ

Tactics to make the audience gladdens.

2:42 pm

Lady Bird Bright
Art by Sadara on Deviantart

Sitting contrast, within the trees most high,
Nestles the beautiful Lady Phoenix
Alight with the most brightest plumage nye.

With only such fanciful aesthetics
As when she spreads wide her wings to fresh flight
In a fragment of flashy theatrics.

Gliding upon the breezes tinted quite--
with warm southerly updrafts, she then flies
in a flash of pyrotechnics so bright;

Feathers ignite, rebirth will symbolize.

3:12 pm

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  1. I feel for you - snow again? Mirth would be a great way to deal with yet another snow day. Hopefully you will see spring soon.

    AJ's AtoZ wHooligan
    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama


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