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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday AROW80 check in: Warm Sunshine and Writing to make my Fingers Bleed

It's been a stellar day and even more stellar weekend. The weather has been cooperating with 70 to 80 degrees and theatre stuffs and writing, oh my!!

I have spent much of my Sunday writing on my WIP "Beyond the Mountains" my project for CampNaNoWriMo, the novel writing challenge that falls in April. Which upon reflection has to be the busiest month. With all of the projects and theatre stuffs that I am involved in and Dear Readers, so of you have been following my passage through this month. So you know how busy I have been. I signed up for CampNaNo with the purpose of writing. I need to make myself write. Once I am in the habit of writing daily, it that much easier to write when NaNo is NOT going on. just as my journaling time was once a forced habit, it has now become easier to do, so must my desire to write everyday, whether it be poetry, stories, or a blog.

That is what this weekend is about. I had time to myself and a novel in progress. So, on went some of my Protagonist music: Hannah-Rei, Meghan Andrews, and Lindsay Katt and with my coffee I have written 3,543 words today. I am sooooo far behind my CampNaNoWriMo word count. Today total should be 21,666 words and yet I am at only at 15,245 words at 6:50pm. But I am determined. I started this journey and I will finish. I may not make the 50,000 word mark by Apriln 30th, but I am going to try my darnedest.

Is it possible to catch up, being that far behind?

I think...NO, I know so! Why? Because I will, that's why!

I have been getting in touch with my protagonists, a 16 year old woman, Walelea Jones and some guy name Markus goofy guys that hangs with a dragon. It's a little adventure story, with a dash of fantasy, and some self discovery. A genre that I am writing consistently in. Maybe I'll call it 'Self Fanti-Aventure'.

Also, I have been keeping up with NaPoWriMo and the Blogging A to Z challenges. Nothing new on my WIP short stories, but I am making my way through "The Hunger Games" series. Today was such a beautiful day and I feel good. I just wanted to thanks all of you, Dear Readers and Bloggers. Thank you for the words of encouragement and comments. It means a lot to this little ol' writer!

As always, check out my fellow writers and bloggers at the Blog Hop!

Now, I present my NaPoWriMo poem featuring a few

kennings; (derived from Old Norse) a type of metaphorical compound word or phrase used as an allusion to a simpler idea which (at the time) would be readily recognized by the audience. For example, "whale-road" would imply "ocean".

To Find the Paths

Walking along the Hard Path
With the Heaven’s Ball to light my way--
I am warmed,
Yet I was lost
Following the hard path along the Steel Jungle.
Here the steel trees
That house the world's denizens.

All whom seem lost,
But I am not lost.

I know where the Dirt Paths flow
The ones that lead to the old places
One the trees and Earth Peoples places.
In feel less alone when I am with the Earth People,
Hearing the Singing Breaths
And feeling the Fingers of Heaven
Brush my face.
Here is my home,
Even though I live within
The Steel Trees.

One does not have to feel lost
With the Steel Jungle
To find their way back to
The Dirt Paths of the Earth People
To know where they have come from.
Once born to the Earth,
Forever of the Earth.
Just follow any of the Hard Paths,
They lead to the Dirt Paths
Once there you will always find the way.

7:17 pm

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  1. AND you're doing A to Z (though I think you might have done a lot of it last month, as I did). You have a pretty full April, don't you? :)



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