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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunny Sunday: A ROW80 check-in

This morning I have been cleaning out emails and doing other internet house keeping. And DAYMN! This is the worst kind of housecleaning....

Anyway, it's been a week since "The Tempest" finished, Improv has started, and two weeks LCP's Junior Player perform "Zombeo and Juliet". I have begun the May feeling a bit worn, but also with determination. I have two potential poetry anthologies to put together and edit (well, I always end up editing my poem, sometimes years after they were written). This weekend I started playing with Microsoft Publisher, putting my NaPoWriMo poem onto pages, making them look nice, and general editing. I want to finally make good on the publishing goal from last Round 1 of ROW80.

It's a good day. We also, just received a new furr baby, Cheez-it, who is currently exploring the house and getting accustomed to Lucy, and vica versa. So far, so good, just a little hissing when Lucy gets too close to Cheez for his comfort. It's kinda cute to watch. Glad this is happening on a Sunday. Means time to adjust.

Also, been working on general housework, laundry, dishes, and the like. Gonna need more coffee and some additional motivstion today, it's still early though. Maybe I will work on my WIPs later today. Going to enjoy this Sunny, if Breezy Sunday and listen to music, drink coffee and work on my writing stuffs, Dear Readers.

Have a fantastic day! Go check out my fellow ROW80 bloggers/writers at the Blog Hop! Also, enjoy some of my choice of music this afternoon.


  1. Good luck with your anthologies!

    I love fur babies. I have two BIG cats, named Willow and Oz. :)

  2. I love that song. I also like Shatter Me from her new album. Best of luck with your chapbook!

  3. Zombeo and Juliet sounds so fun! I'm assuming it has a zombie spin? Fur babies are so cute, it's been ten years since my last one. Good luck with your poetry and writing :)


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