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Sunday, May 18, 2014

ROW80 Sleeping in...Checking in!!!

I am very proud of me this week. I finished up a week with some of the best youth actors in Schuyler Country (and surrounding areas) with "Zombeo and Juliet". So proud of those kids!Today was the first day of my time as Producer for KLP's production of "Tarzan" with another awesome cast. Not even off the high of Zombeo and onto the next. Although it is weird NOT being onstage for Tarzan. That just me, I LOVE me onstage time.

Anywhoo...onto the check-in!

I made progress on my goals and clear up some other goals that were not fully  formed prior to this week. Dear Readers, are we ready for bullet points? This week I have:

*I wrote 961 words. In just opened up a document and started typing. It felt good to just write. Not  sure if it'll will be part of any of my WIP's, but I like the scene I created. Quite emotional. A little reminiscent. But lovely anyway.

*I wrote a writer bio and a cover letter (have since revised the bio, still working on the cover letter). A bit of out of practice writing cover letter, and usually for job applications, not writing submissions. And thus submitted my first poetry submission in 10 years, maybe not that long. It's been a while, regardless. Working on getting a second submission send out by close of day today.

*Continuing to push through "Catching Fire", with the theatre projects, I haven't read as much. Things are starting to pick up now that Zombeo is over. I also have a new recommendations; the Oryx and Crake series. I had read the first (?) book "Oryx and Crake" but didn't know there were two other books in the series.

*Housework is mostly caught up on. There are a few dishes to wash, but the laundry, litter, lawn, and trash is done. Loving the new washer and dryer. DRY CLOTHES ARE AWESOME!! And the cold drinks in the new fridge. I feel so grown up buying new appliances. I also feel excited. Is that weird?

That's it really, Dear Readers. It might not feel like a lot, but after a tech week, it's a major improvement. I feel so productive. I hope to have even more to report on Wednesday. Also, the goals for the week include visiting at least 5 to 10 blogs and commenting on them, write at least 500 words (either on a WIP or just because), and pick up my 2011 novel "Tale of Memories" and work on that revision (at least 1 chapter).

This months improv show is fast approaching, so I have 2 rehearsal before that show and now Tarzan keeping me busy. Oh, well! NO rest for the Weary, Wicked, or Theatrically Bonkers!! That's me!!! I honestly wouldn't change it. This is me and it's what I do.

Have a GREAT WEEK, Dear Readers!! Remember to visit me peers over at the Blog Hop!! Be good to each other and be AWESOME. See the sign to the right. It speaks truth!!

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  1. You seem to accomplishing the things you set out to do and that's great. All the best for continued success. I'm on the AtoZ road trip from

  2. Sounds like you've made a lot of progress this week. Good luck on both the theater and writing fronts!

  3. You sound energized and motivated. Yay! I too highly recommend the MaddAddam series (Oryx & Crake, The Year of the Flood, MaddAddam). I just finished the 3rd book a couple months ago. So much crying. So good. Good luck on your goals this week!


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