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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Not as Productive, but certainly Reflective

I have not been as productive as I had hoped this week. Things caught up with me and being out of town other stuff was pushed aside. I am still suffering with the horrible cough, left over from the tonsillitis. I have been busy with Improv, Tarzan, and getting time to write in sync with the rest of my schedule.

I always feel bad when I do less than what I planned to do. But, that is what A Round of Words is about. It about finding a balance, writing, and knowing that sometimes life happens. I was still quite productive though, Here's what I have accomplished this week.

Things I did last week:
*I visited 6 or 7 blogs. While I didn't comment on any, I did fully read each entry.  I want to continue to visit at least 5 to 10 blogs and comment on said blogs.

*Second successful Improv Show on Tuesday. Made a little money for The Lake Country Players and have a few new and interested people wanting to try improv. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this improv thing.

*Continued to journal twice a week.

*Have read further into  "Catching Fire". I;m a a lull, but I think it's because it's the second book. I always seems to have trouble about half way though a series. Well continue to make my way thorough it. I loved "Hunger Games", but I am not sure if I am a uber fan. It's a good story, but ask me again when I finish the series.

While it's been a slower week, here's what I what to accomplish in the next week. I am going to start coming up with small goals during ROW80. I feel like I get more done that way. Here's this weeks goals:

*Blog at least once that is not a ROW80 entry. This is the BIG thing! I miss blogging about stuff and things. Will push forward on this. 

*Write something everyday and post and excerpt on Sunday check-in! (Dear Readers, I need your help, please help me to be held accountable).

*Comment on at least 5 blogs in the next 7 days.

*Find and submit poetry to more online journal (those directly connected to NaPoWriMo and others). At least 2.

 So, while I am beating out my new goals for the week, I am scanning through the journals featured during NaPoWriMo. I am excited because I have run into a couple of journals that accept Poetry and Fiction. This is exciting. I do have some stories ready for submission now and poetry too. I have 7 journals to submit work to now and I am only at Day 19 (working backgrounds here). That's a good start. Ending this check-in on an extremely positive note.

Dear Readers, have a great rest of the week. I am going to be busy, but that's not a surprise is it? See you around the interwebs. Remember to visit the Blog Hop of my fellow bloggers/writers. Also, I have just decided to blog about the "Mini Page" in my next non-ROW80 blog. A blast from my past that is still being printed today.

Have a fantastic week,Dear Readers. I believe in you!

Lucy believes in my shoulder!

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