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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tech Week Check-in and Reflections!

Tech week is always a blur. The days run into each other, whether on or back stage. I wake up in the morning, go to work, and then off to rehearsal. This show I am running crew. I move the sets, get the actors in position, and play theatre games with kids, very talented kids.

"Zombeo and Juliet" is a quirky comedic take on Romeo and Juliet, but with Zombies. My friend Holly is making her directorial debut with this production. I had signed as props and set mistress, and stage crew when show time came. There is something awe inspiring to see a show come together from script to full scale show. And being involved in a kid 's production

I'm listening the the Audio Book version, "Drawing Out the Dragons" by James A. Owen while writing this blog update, my ROW80 check-in and I am thinking, am I the type of who makes things happen, or the type of person to things happen to? Words from my mentor and friend James. I want to write. I want to make words that others can enjoy.

"If you really want to do something, no one can stop you; if you really don't want to do something, no one can help you." ~James A. Owen

So, what does this mean? Means that I need to write. Means I need to submit writing (stories, prose, poetry, scripts). But, I also do theatre; act, direct, sets, props, and now produce. I need to spend more time writing, even when I am doing a show. I NEED to write. What I decide today is that I will write. I have had a rough and busy year so far, but I managed to do 2 blog challenges, act in a Shakespeare show, and started Camp NaNo. I wrote a lot of stuff in the month of April. I my not have written a specific story, as I did earlier in the year. What I did do is prove that I could do it. And I also realized that I miss writing regular blogs entries and stories. I want to return to that. I WILL return to it.

I am still planning on submitting some poetry by week's end.  And I have some ideas for stories. And an awesome thing, even though I do not make it to completion of Camp NaNo. I did make 18,000 words (give or take). That's not bad! I also realized that I have the beginning of a novel. Also, while listening to James' words that I have my desire, my passions, but I and in a course correction. This is NOT a bad thing, but it is a thing. I know what I want and I will get there. I can change my sails, hoist the mainsail, and all those nifty nautical terms. I can steer my ship towards the winds and sail onto the next great adventure.

So, I am going to change me format. I like what some of my fellow writers do with their updates. Bullet points! I have used bullet points before, but didn't want to seem simplistic. But, after consideration the strong desire to go back to them is apparent. I think this will help organize my writing and my goals. Might even show more progress.

Get back to work, Human!
What I did:
*Read a bit more of "Catching Fire" (trying to read at lunch (at least).
*Pulled poems for a couple of online journals submissions. 
*Brainstormed for story ideas.
*Visited a few blogs.

To do:
*Write a cover letter and bio and submit the said poems.
*Work on one of my WIP pieces, at least 250 words.
*Write 1000 words on something, whether story, prose, or script.
*Work on one revision (even if it is one chapter or story).
*Continue to view fellow blogger/writers. Maybe 5 per week at least.
*Post a non ROW80 check-in blog. My original intent!

Dear Readers, to say that this week hasn't been full of stuff is a preposterous. Quite full, with work being busy (working in the construction field, I now understand) and tech week for Zombeo every night this week,  but tonight is the first night that I know what my next step is with the writing and where I want to take it. It's a course correction, not a failure. Like I opened my eyes to see what was already in front of me, but I somehow missed seeing it. Don't worry, I got this!!

Oh, spread the good karma and visit some of my fellows at the ROW80 Blog Hop

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  1. I've only been in one play, but I remember that week leading up to the show and how chaotic but exciting it was. Best of luck!

    I love the quote you included in your blog post. I think writing is a calling for many of us; we can't not write. Thanks for the reminder!


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