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Monday, May 5, 2014

Today's A to Z Reflection

I just spent the last month, 26 days, not counting Sundays blogging about letters of the alphabet and things that start with that said letter. It's very free thought, free flowing, with a lot of possibilities. I discovered that sometimes just listing words starting with a certain letter. It lends itself well to stream of consciousness thinking, writing.

A is for Allons-Y, B for Bowties, C is for Clara,
D is for Doctor...

Also, do A to Z with NaPoWriMo was a challenge, because the daily prompts weren't always easy to sync up the daily letter. Where I knew what I wanted to blogging about with A to Z, I wasn't always able to work into the daily poem prompt. And , I think I ended up just writing them separately, it just worked better. It worked and I had fun. Some days were a heck of a lot easier, W for Whovian, D for Dragon, S for Strax.

I did figure out that having a list of items to work from helped in the latter half of the alphabet and sometimes, when my brain wasn't focusing, I had something to work with. Other times, I just went to the dictionary, my actual "New Heritage Dictionary", from college even, and started reading the pages. I actually own a dictionary, even though I do use and I own an actual copies of these text.

Yes, I will do Blogging From A to Z Challenge again. I was a nice change. Something different. Something new. It stretched my grey matter. What will I do differently? Well, probably do a base list of words for each letter, as a backup. I will also not default to the easiest topic. I will look of different approaches, new words, new concepts. But, Dear Readers, I will keep the stream of consciousness writing style. It really does work. It's more of a brain storming tool, but I can see how with a lack of idea, that the stream of consciousness worked. Sometimes that's when we find something new to try.

To do:
1. Make alphabet list
2. Brain storm before hand
3. Allow for Stream of Consciousness writing
4. Don;t limit myself/Push myself

To NOT do:
1. Skip a day (AT ALL)!!!
2. Reuse topics from the previous year.

A new week, Dear Readers. Yes! The time is nigh! Seize the Bagel? ~giggle~ Have a great week. I have enough projects to work on and will keep me busy, as will running stage crew "Zombeo and Juliet" in two weeks. I leave you with some music:


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