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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It is Wednesday, isn't it? A ROW80 Check-in!

So, I have made it. The day job has kept me running, mostly with the phone. I swear, I hate the phone in the summer months. Not that I hate my job, I rather love it. Keeps me busy, but damn, the phone, oh the phone! It comes from being an Admin Assistant. You take a lot of the flack and do much of the work. Ah, is good for Woman, make her strong like Bull (that would be the 'classic' line from the very first dinner theatre I performed in back in 2006, "Audition for Murder")!!!

Been spending my days working on getting my house back in order. I finally have vaccuumed thoroughly. I still need to either rent or borrow a Rug Doctor steamer machine thingie. The down stairs carpets are a mess, vaccumumed, but I'm sure the colour is not the original colour. Also, trying hard to keep up with the dishes and laundry (the main culprits of messy house syndrome). And, David and I get to be grown ups and buy a new washer/dryer set and most likely a fridge too. Oh, the joys of owing a home!

Anywhoo, the writing and updates. I have some. I have taken my Microsoft Publisher and imputed my NaPoWriMo poems into pages, and am now working on designing those said pages. I want a rough draft of a poetry book so I can start submitting it to the various publishers listed during NaPoWriMo.

That my goal for this week: to finish a draft of the poetry book and to go through and list the online journal and when they accept submissions.

Been a bit dry on the physical writing, but I wanted to spend time visiting fellow ROW80-ers. Back on Sunday, Got to visit about 7. Not bad, I figure, I should try to visit between 5 to 10 blogs from Blog Hop. I got an idea to revisit mysteries and maybe start another short story, using the genre of mystery. I also need to really take note, especially for writing mysteries. Mysteries are generally written backwards.

New goal, look for writing contests. I go to Toasted Cheese Literary Journal and they have contest through out the year; this time is A Midsummer Tale, open until June 2st (first day of Summer). But, if any of you, Dear Readers, know about a writing contest, please let me know in the comments below. Much thanks , in advance! :-)

I have my two WIP stories that need attention. Going to try to give both some time this week, probably later in the week.

Lucy Belle
Feeling pretty good, even with the crazy bat shite bonkers week. I am feeling like this means I need to focus more on the writing. The Tempest is over. I have caught up on my sleep. The house is less of a disaster. And the new cat, Cheezit, is starting to settle in (although pictures will follow), mostly, still being a pistol to Lucy Belle.

Oh, and I almost forgot. There is the A to Z Road trip. A time to go and visit all of the other bloggers/writers who participated in Blogging From A to Z Challenge (I finally got the FULL name right). This is will easy, and I can reflect further on the A to Z Challenge, which I already did some reflecting on on my last blog post.

I am enjoying these new challenges, blogging adventures. I get excited about such things, whether writing new things or meet new people (via the interwebs). This is good for me! ~w00t~

Have a great mid-week, Dear Readers! I will see you on the interwebs, Twitter, and the Facebook.

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  1. The poetry book sounds wonderful! I used to write more poetry but I've focused so much on the fiction lately, that has largely gone by the wayside. Best wishes with your poems!

    Hope you have a great round! Wishing you much success!


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