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Monday, October 8, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #8: (moments of madness)

Poetic Form: Blitz Poem.

Word Prompts: Obsessed, Crazed, Troubled mind, Yes and No, Up and down

I think the poem speaks for itself, Dear Readers. I hope you enjoy the

Madness in Love

Turn around
turn back
Back in time
Back to the beginning
Beginning of...
Beginning to end
End of the past 
End of the future
Future begins
Future starts
Starts at the
Starts with ending
Ending the story
Ending the party
Party on
Party forever
Forever is infinity
Forever young
Young is wasted
Young is potential
Potential to make
Potential to die
Die in the darkness
Die in the fire
Fire the rifle
Fire burning bright
Bright is the light
Bright without darkness
Darkness is cozy
Darkness is death
Death is cozy
Death only the word
Word tells the story
Word is knowledge
Knowledge from writing
Knowledge from the teacher
Teacher finds student
Teacher learns to...
To know
To grow
Grow from a seed
Grow from your story
Story to tell
Story I tell
Tell me a story
Tell me the truth 
Truth about me 
Truth about you


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