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Friday, October 19, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #19: (what do you want)

Word Prompts: desire, questioning, search, doubt, fulfill

This month has lead me on a merry chase with my emotions and a little bit of self-discovery. Okay, maybe a lot more self-discovery, but in some ways I am happier because of it. Today's prompt felt a little like synchronicity. Like I needed to declare my intentions and then I could move forward. I've know what I wanted for a about two years, though it starts to germinate in 2011. Today's prompt makes me want to keep reaching, to not give up, and to even settle for anything.

Tell Me What You Want

That which you desire
is birthed of doubt and passion--
your right to fulfill.

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  1. Whatever it is, I wish you the best. Sounds like you have been giving yourself time to come to your discovery/decision.


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