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Friday, October 5, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #4: (Denied)

WORD PROMPTS: Denied, Refuted, Rejected, Spurned, Vetoed

Poetry Prompt: Denial

Today is denial and sometimes the timing is right. I recent had a moment; a conversation with Denial about a past relationship. The story is unimportant, but the logic behind it the real reason. I had to heal from this thing that had taken over 10 years of my life, maybe closer to 15 now. I don't hate, or forget this moment, but I do remember it. That is why I had to finally relive it, and to  finally close the door. No ill feeling, not even sadness, just a final sense of peace. I didn't even cry while writing it.

Enjoy, Dear Reader, even if it makes to sad. And leave me a comment on what you think, or what you can relate to.

Conversation with Denial

In the briefest of moment,
the words were said.

You can't take them back!

Speaking of the truth,
words that truly angered.

I can't really tell you!

Cannot imagine how it plays out
thinking it is so easy.

I don't think you ever listened!

A moment of time
so readily burned in effigy.

I wanted to tell you!

Replaying over and over, 
a constant rejection reminder.

My feelings were hurt!

It passes by so quickly,
no real thought was given.

You had my heart!

Cannot be taken back,
nightmares recycled over again.

I will say it now!

Time is supposed to heal wounds,
but sometimes it just bleeds out.

It's over! Goodbye!

In a ponding puddle left,
just memories denied.

I'm sorry.

Now, it is too late,
leaving the past alone.


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  1. "Time is supposed to heal wounds, but sometimes it just bleeds out." that line really hits home. I like the format you used.


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