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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

OctoPoWriMo Day #16: (when I fall)

Suggested Poetry Form: Terzanelle  which is a 19-line poem with the following rhyme patter, and (A,B,A - b, C, B - c, D, C - d, E, D - E, F, E - f, A, F, A), and a choice of two different endings (#1 - f, A, F, A or #2 - f, F, A, A).

Word Prompts: strength, vulnerable, insight, bonds, obstacles

Dear Readers, today brought a lot of thoughts to my grey matter, a lot of which wasn't always the most pleasant. Sometimes writing isn't happy, sometimes it is sad, or at least reflective. Today's poem is very reflective of the last month and a half. When I thought of today's prompt, I thought about the moments before you fall. Those moments when you think you are safe, but then there comes the fall. What thoughts are running through your head as the fall grows closer, or apparent?

I hope you leave with a bit of hope at the poem's fall, Dear Readers. A fall, I think, most of us has experienced at one time or other.

Bound Within

Bound within my own chains
In this prison of my own,
bound within my own chains.

So much more prone
to the failings of the World
in this prison of my own.

Where I often lie curled
in a haven of my creation
to the failings of the World.

Set guard the Gryphon,
to keep my peace safe
in a haven of my creation.

When come the smallest waif
to break my guard and
to keep my peace safe.

It will make a stand
bound within my own chains
to break my guard and
bound within my own chains.


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