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Saturday, October 6, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #6: (conquered)

Poetic Form: Rondeau

Word Prompts: worth the fight, victory, battle, forever, together

A French form, the Rondeau is almost meant to be sung with its rhymed  and repetition form. There are three (3) stanzas within the form: a quintet (5), quatrain (4), and a sestet (6) and a rhyme scheme of aabba aabR aabbaR. There are refrain lines at lines 9 and 15, the ends of the second and third stanzas.

Truthfully, Dear Readers, I need to be honest, I don't like rhyme. I do it because some form dictate that I rhyme, but really I would prefer not to rhyme. I am NOT Dr. Seuss. But I will say that rondeaus are a better form to write, as least for me. There is something with today's poem, or maybe in rondeaus, or maybe both. I am thinking of protest ballads, chants, marches. In today's world it is common, but very necessary.

When I go for my daily runs, I will often post about my battle cries. It motivates me, and I hope to motivate others. That is why I make battle cry into one word: Bacttlecry. It is not just a hash tag, but a way of life, for me anyway. Today is a battlecry!

Whatever your political leaning, I hope you take something from today's offering.


Modern Battlecry

Listen now, my children, a story to tell
when the raging storm would not quell,
between the lies whispered in ears
and shouted across the mainframe tiers,
that make We the People want to rebel.

A battlecry for the masses to impel,
an oral history with morals, they spell
in poetry stirred by balladeers--
    within this Time for Change.

When it is easy to dispel
the ugly and dirty verbal shrapnel,
is when we need those seers,
the verbal bards to write down these years,
these memories from which we dwell
within this Time for Change.

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