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Thursday, October 4, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #4: (strange animals)

Just read the poem! I have no other reason, but I would love your thoughts on it, please. It is a writer's prerogative to write strange poems under strange circumstances.

Word prompts: polychromatic, fright, striped, armoured, disturbed

Strange Tea Time

Imagine a Axolotl having tea
with a Naked Mole Rat,
quite the sight you say?
Or are you disturbed?

Hold tight, lemme me explain...

Where animals of every kind,
brought together
to discuss the state of affairs
or new books on the bestsellers list,
holding tiny tea cups.

Only the beginning,
when in walks a Turkey Vulture
dressed to the nines,
bearing a cake for dessert.
"Never you worry," he says,
"It is red velvet,
because vultures love cream cream frosting."

The Turkey Vulture says he's waiting
for the Sea Bunny to arrive,
whose bringing a game of Parcheesi.

"Ah, yes," cooed the Axolotl and
Naked Mole Rat,
"then we will have enough to play."

Thank you Google Image Search!!!

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  1. Rofl! I love it, Cindy! It's fun and playful and definitely in keeping with the prompt.


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