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Friday, October 12, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #12: (tortured)

Word Prompts: afflicted, excruciating, torment, agonizing, distress

Poetic Form: Senryu (like a haiku, but focuses on human emotion. Users the metered pattern 5, 7, 5.

This one will be easy,  as today was one of dollar days. I sure can write a poem about torture. I won't explain what the poem is about.  I will say that I know many people who have felt,  had felt it before,  and continue to feel it. It is a common feeling,  and one that I have learned to let happen,  as I usually does my way out again.

Enjoy! And know that I do see you. And I love you.

Dark Days

Afflicted I am
Engulfed in distress I feel
In torment I am.

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