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Sunday, October 21, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #21: (how will you know)

Word Prompts: Questioning, Deciding, Choices, Love or Lust, Feeling

Today's poem brought to you by the Choice and the Feeling of today's subject. This month has been challenging me is a lot of different ways. Today's is free verse and the realization right after waking up from a nightmare. Don't think it is autobiographical, or maybe part of it is. It is born of the dark places where we hide, and the choice to leave those dark places for something better.  A sign (Signal) of hope!

Enjoy, Dear Readers.

When You Choose

There is a split second
feeling in the dark,
when you don't know
what's next,
what's around the corner.
Maybe you are afraid,
monsters in the dark
maybe the truth
that you don't want to see.

That moment,
taking that first step
out from the dark
the light.

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