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Saturday, October 27, 2018

OCtPoWriMo Day #27: (what colour is it?)

Word Prompts: color, shade, tone, color theory, design

Concept: Synesthesia

I took a bit of liberty today, Dear Readers. After a particularly long week and and a lot of thinking, and there has been a lot of thinking this month. Okay, mostly because I have been writing poetry, but it does make one consider a number of things, like today's prompt.  I have been into Marina and the Diamonds since she first hit Youtube some nine years ago. She mentioned having synesthesia, the ability to see sounds as colours is the most common. It means that the sensation of one sense is interpreted by other sense, causing a whole new sensation. this concept fascinates me as I don't readily experience this. I think sometimes if I am really tired, I can interpret things differently; as a writer I love to explain how someone who is blind can explain (or know) what the colour blue is, a deaf person explaining what Mozart's symphonies sound like, or someone with sensory issues how silk feels to their skin.

Today's poem finds a little more of how we can understand the things that are understandable, to us, or to other people.

The Unseen Senses

Can you tell me
what I want to know
the colour,
and tone
of things with no colour.

Tell me what 
shade of colour 
a song is
or mauve;
the way the colour
feel or tastes, 

I don't think I know,
ask the synesthesiaiac
and they'll tell you 
the colours
of music notes.
How they, 
taste upon their tongue,
or even what they feel like.

A song,
that tastes like melted chocolate,
or a book's verse that
feels like silk on soft skin.

How do you explain 
the unseen senses?

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