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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #3: (Insecurities)

Poetic Form: Florette

Word Prompts: doubt, trust, overcome, embrace, secure

Call Them What-ifs!

When I am most alone, you know
when now they become a known foe;
and called the mighty doubt demons.
They practice at my expense, one art of show.

I am left to secure again
hijinx that they have begun then,
my own trust it seems they play at--
games of old-fashioned keep away, I will not play.

An easy topic to brainstorm on, but not so easy to write when present with a challenging florette. A poem of at least 2 four line stanazas  with the following rhyme and meter scheme - a,a,b,a; and 8,8,8,12.

I do not like it Sam-I-Am, I do not like one little bit. But, I wrote it anyway. Please leave me an honest comment, good or bad, constructive is the best. Florettes are not my forte, and I need a reason to wrote more. Maybe, Dear Readers if you give me a topic to wrote a florette about I will try again.

Meaning I want to try again, so please give me suggestions to try. No topic is too strange! I'm written a sonnet about Russell's Teapot for Pete's sake. In the meantime, please enjoy my florette.

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  1. Excellent attempt. Next time d9nt forget the internal rhyme scheme on line 4 where the internal rhyme matches the end rhyme on line three. Rofl. It is confusing. I liked it. And I liked your poem without it.


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