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Monday, October 29, 2018

OctPoWriMo #29: (by the numbers)

Topic: pick a number, write a poem!

1 - unity
2 - duality
3 - spiritual/mystical
4 - universal
5 - human life
6 - perfection
7 - lucky
8 - auspicious
9 - pain/sadness
0 - nothingness

I knew where this was going as soon as I saw the post. Once I read the post, I figured I would have to pull out my favourite nerd reference from Douglas Adams. The number 42, which is the supposed answer to the the Question "What's the meaning of Life?"

The computer Deep Thought postulated that 42 was the answer, without giving an explanation. I never understood why, but I always thought that his must have meant something by 42. The simplest answer is the 42 means whatever you want it to mean. so, to ask the question, what is the meaning of life? Well, whatever you what it to mean gives you a chance to make life whatever you want.

I also believe that the world and the universe is filled with duality: good vs. evil; black vs. white; or day vs. night. That means that I could take the two sides and make them whatever I wanted them to be. That is how today's poem was born.

It is free verse and open to interpretation, but I like that, so it stays!

Universal Duality

Call me universal duality--
where I can be anything
or anyone;
or flip me 
because of my dual nature,
I can be good or bad.

For good,
I want the  world,
at my fingertips,
counting the possibilities
of storytelling
and building mythologies.

Of the bad,
Make me choose
and you will find me
not so agreeable
nd your head upon a platter.

The choice--
it is always my own,
not owing to anyone.
My happiness is here,
within reach

And I am the potential,
I am the universe,
I am the dual goddess,
I am 42.


  1. I like the reference and the creation that has sprung from it

  2. Sure that's the answer but to get the question that requires a much bigger computer


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