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Saturday, October 13, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #13: (if I were you)

Word Prompts:     should, might, consider, absolute, discover

Poetic Form: Blitz


Consider this
Consider that
That i want to
That I know
Know my worth
Know my truth
Truth of your choices
Truth of yourself
Yourself is what
Yourself is you
You have to choose
You have to be
Be alone
Be together
Together at a party
Together without
Without knowledge
Without passion
Passion  alone cannot
Passion is the spark
Spark what you love
Spark the fire
Fire up the muse
Fire up your drive
Drive into the mountains
Drive into the unknown
Unknown fears, yes
Unknown journey
Journey into
Journey with me
Me is what
Me is not you
You are on a path
You can choose
Choose what you what
Choose your happy
Happy to be alive
Happy in the knowing
Knowing what you want
Knowing where you're going
Going onto the next
Going somewhere (42)
Somewhere near)
Somewhere far
Far away
Far to go
Go ahead
Go now

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  1. I enjoyed the ‘Choose your happy’ line. It really emphasised the theme of your poem well! Thanks for sharing :)


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