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Monday, October 22, 2018

OctPoWriMo Day #22: (betrayal)

Poetic Form: Palindrome Poem is a poem that read forwards and backwards while still conveying a meaning and purpose within the poem. Each line in the first half of the poem is mirrored in the second half of the poem.

I have written a lot of personal poetry this month, and though the admission of betrayal, whether of self, or another, I want to stick to a generic revelation, and a betrayal within the revelation. A palindrome seems most fitting as you can reading it forwards and backwards, and still get the same idea.  Because like revelations and betrayal, sometimes they can be read, discovered going forward, or going back.

How's that for a deep subject, Dear Readers?

Seriously, this poem took a while to grow, and I reeeeeeeally wanted to use the palindrome poem as the form for today's poem. I hope you get something out of it.

I also took a liberty, and used different tenses in the beginning and ending of the poem. I think you'll see why...

Word prompt: betrayal, deception, dishonesty, duplicity, lying

Alternate word prompts: forgiveness, mercy, grace, loyalty, honesty

Inner Voice Says Forgiven

Have you known
there is fear, 
nothing is greater.
your own self.


Self, own your
greater is nothing.
Fear is there,
knew you have

Forgiven, says Voice Inner


  1. Oh this is so well done. I love how smoothly you've made the transitions between the two parts.

    1. Thanks, Shuku. Palindromes are really hard for my brain to lock down on, but I was enamored this the concept that I went with.


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