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Saturday, October 18, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 18: A Bit of Bawdyness

Today is fridge poetry a la Shakespeare's Magnetic Poetry. It was the quickest way to write a poem today. I am generally Photoshop illiterate (I am learning, but today's a time crunch). I have had this magnetic poetry set since late 2005. Hey, I guess I have a good reason to use it now. Hehehehe! A bit of Bawdy Shakespeare poetry to lighten you hearts, Dear Readers. This has inspired me to try and write a sonnet with my magnetic poetry. But that's for a later date...

Today's Prompt: Choose a page from one of your books and take a photo of it, email it to yourself, choose some of the words and create a poem out of them. You can print out the page to play with it or just keep it on your computer and play with it in your photo editing program.  

Word/Feeling Prompts: FriskyHopefulCheerful, PlayfulCreative, FunAdventurous

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Bawdy Winters

We know that bawdy mischance
      is hence a villainy curse
Here, myself hath hast to seek
     a Merry Lover for the coming damned Winter.

(Pardon for the spelling, I couldn't find the right magnet for the right spelling.)


  1. Love seeing poetry magnets on the fridge! I had them there for a time but I like mine to be mobile so I can play with them in other places, living room, dining room, park. =) Great job, thanks for sharing and linking up with OctPoWriMo!


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