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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Busy Week: Outlines, Theatre, and Epidermolysis Bullosa oh my!!

I got something done!

Huzzah! w00t!! Cheers!!!

Okay, might be a bit premature, but I did get some writing done this week. Gearing up for a LONG week next week. It's tech week for Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. I have had to squeeze as much writing and blogging and reading into what time I can get. This always happens right before tech week. When there is never enough time it seems. Theatre is my life, as much as writing.

Some think I am crazy, but it's what theatre folk do, especially theatre folk who are also writers, artists, gardeners, video producers. It's what we do and we do it with smiles and many sleepless nights.  For all of you  Dear Readers, if you have passion, you will find a way.

Anywhoo, sitting hearing listening to a Monkees podcast with the Hubs while I write this. Tomorrow is the RiffTrax Live Presentation of Anaconda (with J. Lo) in Ithaca. Been wrapping up OctPoWriMo. There are two more days. My Book to Movie review month will  spill over into November. Such is life.

The amazing part of OctPoWriMo is that I have been networking with other poets. Poetry is where I got may start and to be able to share my love of poetry, words, and theatrical writing, make me giddy. Thanks Jessica, Morgan, and Rod!

So, what did I do this week, thus far?

 *Outlining: put together a rough outline for the Xmas Show that we do in November/December and in the course of about 2 weeks, from writing to producing to acting in a scant 2 weeks. David and I came up with some ideas. I found one I like and wrote a treatment of the idea. It's a story based an obscure Xmas Special called "George and the Xmas Star". show might not look like the original idea, but that's how we do the Xmas Show for Hammondsport Xmas in the Park.
     *Reading: almost done with American Gods (Neil Gaiman). At the less than a 100 page mark, maybe about 80 pages. It's really good, different story than I am used to, but I am enjoying the use of mythology. I will finish this by months end!
     *Writing: mostly poems, but I have to say, I have written some strong pieces this month. Discovered a few new forms to practice writing in. I discovered I love writing pantoums especially and Blitz poems, which I wasn't sure about when it [blitz poems] was introduced to me.
     *Social Media: been good, could be better. I am least getting 3 to 4 a day on OctPoWriMo, less on AROW80, but getting to visiting at least three days of the weeks. Mostly its a time issue. Keeping up with my Facebook and Twitter, some days are better than others.

     *I haven't been able to get the The Audition revision, hoping to touch base with it this weekend for a hour or two. We'll see, I have three things going on Saturday alone. Sheesh!
     *Prepping for NaNoWriMo. I need to sit down and see what WIP are interested in being a novel. I have one real contender and one that wants to be, but is not sure. November is sooooo close! ~grabs pillow and screams~ In a good way!

This is my life!!!

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Finally, I what to point out that it is Epidermolysis Bullosa AwarenessWeek!

And what is that, you are asking, Dear Readers? Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB fopr short) is a rare skin condition that make the skin as fragile as Butterfly Wings. The two layers of skin do not connect in the same way as standard skin. Too much friction-or in persons with EB's cases-just enough friction causes painful blisters. Children born with this EB are called butterflies because of their skin is so fragile My friend Sara Love, her mother, Marie, and her daughter, Wendy all have EB Simplex, a milder version of this condition. Their skin is prone to blister and bruising and is often quite painful.

Wendy and Sara as Monkeys
I never knew this existed before meeting Sara and Wendy. It's a condition that is larger unknown and seldom talked about. I want to support my butterfly friends, who are some of the strongest girls/women I have met. Wendy is 4 and seldom slows down. EB doesn't stop her, but others are not so lucky. There are some who struggle to do anything from eat to breathe. Wendy keeps going, and her mother is an amazing woman who has brought Shakespeare to the Keuka Lake Players and Steuben County. She also directs, makes costumes, acts, and is a major Whovian.

Those with EB want to be treated with the same respect as everyone else. Word needs to be spread and knowledge increased about EB. EB is bad. EB hurts. But, EB is not scary when you know what it is. EB exists. EB can one day be cured with education, research, and love that we give to those who experience the daily pain and blisters. Go and visit Epidermolysis bullosa to learn more. 

And remember the Butterflies; while they can be fragile can also be really strong. 

Have a stellar rest of the week, Dear Readers! I am going to make it awesome. So why don't you go out and make something awesome too. Here's some awesome to get you started...


  1. That sounds like a busy and incredibly productive week. I'm loving this round of words so far, and it's great to meet you. I haven't heard of EB - thanks for raising awareness about it. Enjoy tech week :-)

  2. I typed up a delicious long comment for you, and my internet connection went down and swallowed it whole....ugh!

    I've loved connecting with you through poetry these last weeks, and getting more peeks inside your fascinating theatrical life, too. I've also fallen in love with the blitz, although I wasn't at all sure when I first tried it. I especially loved writing them for Trip and T'Pol, because, well, Trip and T'Pol! =)

    We were listening to the Monkees discography on our way home from Halloween in New Jersey last night. I hadn't heard some of those songs in way too long, and it was wonderful to hear them again.

    Your butterfly friends have wonderful, joyous smiles. I may need to pack up the kids and make the drive out your way next summer, and catch some Shakespeare in your gorgeous Finger Lakes region...sounds delicious!

    I hope you've found the perfect project by now, and are happily engaged during those rare free times!


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