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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OctPoWriMo 2014 Day #1 - Butterfly Anew

First day of OctPoWriMo! ~w00t~

What is that about. Well, it's 31 poetry in 31 days. Each day provides a prompt  and/or style (from Morgan Dragonwillow) that you have to write a poem about or in. OctPoWriMo is a means to get the creative juices flowing and meet fellow poets, blogger, and writers (Click the link to see what the fuss is about and reading fellow poets works).

It's my first time here and I get free verse! And what do I do? When  I could write anything, anything at all, and what do I do? I write a effin' AWESOME pantoum, that's all. :-) 

So, this had germinated over the whole day and I think it works. Often I like to compare one thing to another. Today's prompts are no exception to that. Hope you enjoy it. It is reminiscent of the recent Summer and seeing as Autumn is in full tilt here in Corning, I figured we could used a bit of summer memories wafting on the stray Autumnal breezes. It's been a bit warm here this week and I think that brought out some desires for summer.

You might be asking what a Pantoum is, right? They are one of my favourite styles of poetry, because they don't require rhyme, nor iambic pentameter, but they do repeat lines. Almost like a song. It is sometimes hard to get a story out of lines that repeat, while other times it just flows out of my fingers water. Pantoum is a form originally from Malaysia, but have been adapted to modern poetry over the years.
Anyway, enjoy today's poem....using the word prompts: Chrysalis, Butterfly, Transformation

Butterfly Anew

When the caterpillars begin to creep

along the leafy greens, it's time.

You alone know that soon there will be

something quite unlike anything before or after.

Along the leafy greens, it's time

When silken robes are donned,

something quite unlike anything before or after

And they crystallize into Chrysalis.

When silken robes are donned

as the transformation begins

and they crystallize into Chrysalis;

Their time begins anew.

As the transformation begins,

old into new, a new generation

And their time begins

and the Summer tide is alive.

Old into new, a new generation,

the life cycle of butterflies and man

and the Summer tide is alive.

And know this to be true

The life cycle of butterflies and man

Each are born to life and then to die

And know this to be true,

that the whole of the world is made.

When each is born to life then to die

with life as we know it stuck in the middle.

The whole of the world is made,
when the caterpillars begin to creep.

*photos from MorgueFile

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  1. I liked your execution Cindy! Thank you so much for linking up with OctPoWriMo.


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