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Saturday, October 4, 2014

OctPoWriMo: Use Your Words

It's a short poem day. I have a Ghost Walk today and need to finish getting ready for that. It's raining and I am oddly not tired this morning. But hardly am I able to focus. Sometimes I am able to hit the brilliant points, the most expressive words, the purest intend. But, then there are those days when then words are needed and I am left wondering why I try.

Funny thing is, that I am always trying. I use my words carefully. I try not to be negative, help build people up, create new worlds, and make the world a better place. As a writer and a theatre person (director and stage manager), my words are important, and I try to use them properly, even when I take my time. It is very important to use the right words, in any situation.

These are the prompts I decided to go with for today.

Poetry Prompts: How do you use your words? 
Writing Feeling Prompts: Reclaiming, Risk, Spirited, Courageous

Use Your Words

they don't come easily when they matter.
After the fact,
when you have time to think,
then the brilliance shines.

Use them you should,
picture from MorgueFile
for the silence that you keep
will only hurt longer.

Stand up for the weak,
speak for those with no voice,
make yourself heard
even if the words fail you.
To try,
it is more valiant than silence.

Use your words,
even when you feel that
all will come out is NO!
A start begins with a single step
or a single word.
And that might just make a difference.

Come visit the others at OctPoWriMo and reads awesome poems and give encouragement.

Some music for the day. I have been enjoying the work of Post Modern Jukebox at work this week.


  1. Love the line with the single word of NO! Maybe that is when you get inspired by the two-year-old child?


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