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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 21: Here, There be Memories

Poetry Forms: Blitz Poem

Word Prompts: Hand, Foot, Sand, Impression, Memory, Beach, Ocean, Fingers

Today I will attempt a Blitz Poem. A poem of endurance. A poem of energetic exuberance. 50 lines in quick succession. Repetition. Finalized into a one line ending. Enter the Blitzkrieg of Poetry! A lightening pace war of words on your senses.

OctPoWriMo Blog Hop!

Here, There be Memories

Once I left them
Once I stood
Stood upon the sand
Stood there on the rocks
Rocks that are forever
Rocks oldest of the Earth
Earth is where I stand
Earth is where buried
Buried in the sand
Buried ankle deep
Deep are my memories
Deep are my tears
Tears I am crying
Tear that I remember
Remember that time
Remember when we kissed
Kissed upon the beach
Kissed under the sunset
Sunset, in russet gold
Sunset warms my toes
Toes are bare
Toes are trailing
Trailing in the sands
From MorgueFile
Trailing impressions
Impressions that will be lost
Impressions not permanent
Permanent is only a state
Permanent is memory
Memory is what marks
Memory is the lake
Lake stretches so far
Lake is by an Ocean
Ocean is but a Memory
Ocean is what moves
Moves the foot across
Moves the hand over
Over the sand kissed
Over the rocky shores
Shores forever eroding
Shores built to last
Last after the world has ended
Last after you have gone
Gone are the days together
Gone are all memories save one


  1. I really love the flow this format gives. It goes well with the topic, too! Thank you!

  2. Just gorgeous! It's awesome Cindy!

  3. Fantastic blitz!! I really enjoyed it a lot!

  4. I never read a blitz poem, but the echoing moods and words took me on that great journey. The ending was exactly as promised, beautiful, memorable, and a play on Once/One. Very nice poem.


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