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Thursday, October 16, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 16: Once Upon a Poem

Out for a Walk

Once upon a not so long ago while, 
in a time not seen since again
there were two ladies set to smile.

Upon a walk through the ancient and fair glen,
ladies of the most repute that ever they be.
Long time friends, since way back when.

Out for a stroll and maybe some tea
With the sunshine upon each brow, 
One says to another, in a short plea,

"Would it be polite to allow,
that I might ask of you, Dear, a boon?"
Her friend answered, "To swear  a vow?"

"Aye," said the first, "It's quite a request, simple and plain.
"Let us say, and they from here on in drank champagne."

It's storytime here in the lush forests of the interwebs. I have been granted a boon by Julie Jordan Scott to write a story as a poem. There were two nice pictures and a whole world of potential for today's poem. I decided on a Terza Rima. Yes, it has rhyme, but also it is also one of about a half a dozen forms (thus far) that I have discovered that lend well to the story format. Might be a little silly, but I am overall please with the composition.

Today's Prompt: Once Upon a Time… is your prompt and the traditional ending -
..."and they lived happily ever after" may now become whatever you please. 
.. "and they….(fill in the ending of your choice.)"  
Poetry Form of Choice: Terza Rima -  aba, bcb, cdc, ded, ee (Usually 11 syllables per line. I have take liberties on this one.)

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