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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 8: Moon Dreams and 2 Days in Round 4

I am starting with the poem tonight. 

Rehearsal was really excellent tonight. We blocked the BIG chase scene and I danced around like an Awgwa. What is an Awgwa? Think about s hairy, nasty, mean spirited being, much like Oscar the Grouch, but without the trash. I need to get the character to be alive on stage. 

Anyway, today's prompt is about the Moon. I have an affinity for the moon. No I don't want to invade the moon (that's Strax)! I am slightly connection to the moon as my name in Cynthia, also called Diana or Artemis, the Goddess of the dark and the Huntress in chief. I love moon gazing. And pondering the universe through the moon. Being Pagan is the other half of the equation. The moon is powerful and beautiful. So, I write a Pantoum about  her wisdom and how she inspires me to seek more.

Pantoums are Malaysian poems with a repeating line scheme: A, B, C, D / B, E, D, F on so on. The poems read very well aloud, as I recently discovered. Often they are sound sing songy, but can be hard to write if you are not aware of where it is going. This is mostly from personal experience.

Word Prompts:
Full Moon/Moon Madness/Creativity/Water

Feeling Prompts:
Moon Dreams

Bathed in the silvery moon’s glow
I am alive with the desire
A passion kindled within folds
And I remember this feeling.

I am alive with the desire
Of the path lighted before me
And I remember this feeling.
The desire to create great things.

Of the path lighted before me,
There is reminiscence of my past
And the desire to create great things,
Yet the dynamic world seduces me.

There is a reminiscence of my past
In the still lighted nightscape before me,
Yet the dynamic world seduces me—
And it is slowly driving me mad.

In the still lighted nightscape before me
I can see everything more clearly
And it is slowly driving me mad
To know the subtle secrets of the stars.

I can see even more clearly
That everything has I have been and will be
Is to know the subtle secrets of the stars
While bathed in the silvery moon’s glow.

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First check-in and I am actually doing well. I know it's 10:36 pm EST and I am still write this, but today was a good day and I am feeling productive. A load of laundry spinning and my OctPoWriMo  is done and I am about to present my ROW80 update, Dear Readers. This and the really productive rehearsal make for a happy Cindy!

This week accomplished:
      *Reading - Finished The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle, started Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood and continuing with American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
      *Writing/Blogging - Keeping up with the OctPoWriMo blog poems and I have my Last Unicorn review almost drafted. That's tomorrow's project. Writing is an going project this Round.
      *Visiting - Overall been hitting my goal of at least three blog visited between ROW80 and OctPoWriMo lists.

Not yet started:
       *Editing - I'm only in my second full day of the Round and I am not about to judge just yet. I haven't started the editing projects I have slated for this Round. Plenty of time.
       *New goal!!!! Write an outline for the forthcoming H'port Xmas Show by month's end. We report on each check-in.

It's still early, Dear Readers and am getting my feet wet with projects and some new time management  that I am trying this round. Will be reporting on my successes and failures. The day job has kept me pretty busy with my boss on vacation (new grand baby born last week). Good on hours, bad on sanity! Not much else at the moment, pining for Doctor Who, watching Buffy and our back log of The Soup episodes. My life! So, it's a short one tonight. See you on the flip!

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  1. That's a really great poem - I'm not familiar with that form, but I like the rhythm of it. Wonderful job!


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