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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Random Story: Trapped by a Dinosaur (WIP)

Using the words Dinosaur, Rescue, Paraphernalia  write a story in 500 words. Pictures are from MorgueFile.

It’ll be fun, they said. Come out and try it once, they said. You won’t know what it’s like until you try it, they said. Yeah, I am not sure they expected this. Sally sat inside a huge metal cage. Outside there was a huge dinosaur stalking outside, occasionally eyeing the cage. She wasn't sure if it was waiting to releasing her for its dinner, or if she stepped into a poacher’s trap.

But, it’s a dinosaur Sally thought to herself, trying to keep still and quiet. She watched he dinosaur stalk around to the back of the cage. It seemed to be watching the surrounding hills. Sally’s legs were getting sore and she had to shift. As she did, the sound of the paraphernalia lining the cage shifted and rustled. Sally stopped. She eyed the dinosaur. It didn't seem to hear. It continued to pace the field where the huge cage was sitting, a valley with a small stream and dense foliage at the edges of the field.

Sally wasn't really scared, but she was inconvenienced and a little hungry. There was nothing in her pack but a dry canteen. Her lips were feeling the lack of water and her stomach started growling. That was what got the dinosaur’s attention. It stalked back over to the cage, eyes glowing. Sally pulled up against he bars now very afraid. The dinosaur nosed between the bars and dropped something into the cage. Sally looked at the slimy, saliva soaked snickers bar. The dinosaur grunted and nodded at Sally, who was very confused.

“Don’t worry,” called a voice, “a rescue is coming.” Sally looked around; she saw no one and the dinosaur hadn't moved its lips.

“We caught them, and will let you go. Well after the rest get here,” the voice called.

“Who are you?” Sally called out. The voice sounded as if it came upward. She scooted up to the front end of the cage; the huge dinosaur backed up and looked up, indicating that Sally should also. Sally looked up and saw on a platform a man with binoculars watching the hills. He was wearing an animal skin pair of pants and no shirt.

The man turned towards her, “Just a man. Name’s Ty, if you want to know. Oh and I know you weren't with the poachers.”

Sally seemed surprised. The poachers? “Who are the poachers?” she called up to Ty. “And dinosaurs? Really? Is this Jurassic Park?”

“Ty turned to face Sally, “No.” He crouched on the platform. “It is NOT Jurassic Park, although it would make sense. No, it’s more than that. Do you remember how you got here?”

“No, yes, well, I came here with friends, for an adventure.”

“Some adventure. I bet you don’t know where you are?”

Sally shook her head, suddenly feeling like she had a headache. Hand to forehead, “I bet it’s wearing off...” Her head started pounding and she felt dizzy. It was like a wave of nausea overtook her and she then blacked out…

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