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Thursday, October 2, 2014

OctPoWriMo off the cuff: Too Many Choices

A bit more on the fly, or off the cuff tonight, Dear Readers. It was a terribly long day and I was alone in the office for most of it. I couldn't even try to brainstorm on today's poem. Oh, well, I did find a path to traverse and oddly enough it worked. Much like today's poem, I made some choices and found myself a way to go.

Today's prompt focuses on the words TWO, TO, and TOO. No other hints, suggestions, icklings. Well, there was a suggestion, maybe write in couplets (2). That and using the word above might bring to fruition a desired response. 

With that I thought and meandered. Sometimes I tried a sentence or two, and then an idea. I thought why not, right. Sometimes you gotta just try, take a chance, make a choice. HEE!! :-) The bane of writers sometimes. Thus, this was born....

Too Many Choices

There are two sides to every story told—
when one considers the possibilities of the writer.

Somewhere those are your choices,
Somewhere between the left and right.

A writer, is and  must the decider of the fate, you see
When choosing to spin a yarn or tell a tall tale.

Should they use alliteration to make their point stronger?
Or maybe have the protagonist speak in third person.

Dare I confuse you further when I say,
that out of every choice a writer makes breeds more choices.

Before you know what has happened
There, a trillion and one more choices have appeared,

And what you thought was simply a story with two paths
Is now an epic adventure with a multitude of walkways.

A storyteller is not just a teller of stories, no Sir, indeed,
They too are weavers of words, much as a spider weaves a web.

Making a giant quilt of home spun lays, or poems, or sonnets
That keeps the boredom away during the long winter’s night.

Storytellers, they are the guardians of writ and wisdom--
The makers of dreams, and entertainers too.

Remember that when you finish reading you next book,
The hard choices that the writer has had to make.


  1. Reminds of the William Faulkner quote, “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.”

  2. There certainly are a lot of decisions to make when donning the writer's cap.


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