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Friday, October 31, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 31: Remember Me

This one was stubborn to write and not an early morning poem. I wasn't sure that I wanted to the day's prompt. Being Halloween, or Samhain (pronounced SOW-WEN) in the pagan community, I wanted something special; it is also the Day of the Dead in Mexican/Hispanic traditions. The day when the spirit veil is the thinnest and our ancestor, loved ones, friends walk amongst us. I have love ones, both two and four legged variety that I want to remember on this day. After watching the movie, The Book of Life I wanted to end OctPoWriMo with a Samhain/Day of the Dead poem.

To those who have gone before, I remember you! Blessed be!

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Poetry Form: Tri-Fall

Writing Prompt (my own): Nights, Spirits, Dead, Apples, Bread, Feasts, Remembering

From The Book of Life
Remember Me

Darker becomes the nights
The veil thins--
The world is alive with Spirits.
Once a year, there are rites,
Come within, 
Eat of the feasts of the profits.

Here, there be Spirits galore
waiting to 
Entertain in the stately hall.
Out amongst the night once more
as due
on the Day of the Dead they will call.

Holiday for the dead--
feasts and wine
Blessing bread and apples, you see
for those will be well fed 
when they dine
upon which the living remember me.


  1. Awesome poem to leave us with, Cindy. It's been amazing reading your work this month. Hope to read more going forward!

  2. Wonderful Cindy! I love it! Blessed be. :-)

  3. The first three lines are my favorite, thank you!

  4. Thank you and I enjoyed your poem and Day of the Dead, too :-)

  5. You've definitely caught the perfect feel for the festivities...I also have those I remember at this time of year, while also being much in the moment with my living children...

    So glad to have "met" you in a deeper way! =D


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