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Thursday, October 9, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 9: My Reasons

Okay, so today's prompt spurred a random thought piece. But, after I let the words flow, I feel justified. I feel real, and I feel right. Might not be my best poem. It is not really in a form. Just plain ol' Free Verse tonight. But, I guess sometimes you just need free verse and some random poetic scribblings, Dear Readers.

Phrase Prompt: Because....Just Because.

Word Prompts: Continue, Will Power

Tonight I give you....

My Reasons

Don't have the time,
I'm not inspired,
I'm not any good;
the words are running through
my head
like swift antelope
leaping across the savanna.

You're spelling is terrible,
That's not a real story,
What are you trying to do;
Friends have spoken these words--
harsh and stinging
they don't really know
how they affect me.

Sure, I'll read your poem,
Yeah, I wanna read your story,
You're a writer, really?
Many times I have heard this
in the end my words remind hidden
within the folds of my mind.

No longer am I,
No longer will I,
be silent.
Now, I am writing
Now, I am exposed
Now, I am trying.

So, when I am asked,
Why do I write?
I simply must say,

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