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Monday, October 6, 2014

Round 4 Goals and Pefectly Imperfect OctPoWriMo

 A two fold night, Dear Readers. Today is the beginning of Round 4 of a Round of Words in 80 Days. The blog challenge that knows you have a life. Tonight is the night I proclaim my goals for the next 80 days.

I am feeling a bit daunted this Round, because while I have learned quite a bit from my fellow writers, but I feel unaccomplished. It's not a total feeling mind you, but some of my goals feel by the wayside, while others turned out to be too broad. But, I am not too daunted to try a fresh  approach this time. As I pointed out in my Round 3 closing blog post, I have picked up some good habits, from making time for writing, visiting  fellow writers/using social media as a networking tool, journaling twice a week, reading more (better quality of my reading). That's not all, just the beginning.

Also, NaNoWriMo is creeping up, maybe faster than I thought. I need to get focused and work a little harder. Lots o' writing to be had and the subsequent editing that will follow. Currently working on OctPoWriMo challenge and my book to movie adaptation reviews. I just about finished the first book and am going to try to write that blog this week. Getting sidetracked now...

Editing! That is the other elephant in the room that I want to address and ultimately work on this round.

I want to make some definitive goals this Round and have some generic goals to keep me in line too.

    *Work on the Waiting Room concept story.
    *Work on Road Trip story.

    *Edit works to completion (or as close as I can get) - The Audition, Wearing the Mask, and something else that my brain can't remember at the moment. I will clear this up by Wednesday.
    *Start the re-edit of the 2011 novel Tale of Memories.

    *Blogging: twice weekly.
    *Read everyday.
    *Visit fellow bloggers/writer/friends.
    *Submit works.
    *Learn more of Scrivener.

Go visit the ROW80 Blog Hop and/or OctPoWriMo.
Well, that's it, Dear Readers! Those are my goals for Round 4! Going to try really hard with these goals and see what I can do. But right now I have a poem to write. We are entering the OctPoWriMo portion of the blog. Today's prompts is about What does perfect mean to you? Are you a perfectionist? What does your perfect day look like?

Word prompts for tonight include:

I am writing a Naani. A four line poem that contains 20 to 25 beats within the whole of the poem. I just learned about it tonight. It reminds me of a haiku, but with a bit more wiggle room to get the point across. Naani is an Indian form and is usually written real time statements.

When I think about perfection, I think about how imperfection make perfections a reality. Thus tonight's poem. Enjoy, Dear Readers!

Perfect Imperfection

What you see
in my perfectly blue eyes
is not what you think you know.
The imperfections run deep.


  1. Hi Cindy, I hadn't heard of Round of Words in 80 Days. Is it a fun exercise to participate in?

    1. It's pretty easy. You set some goals that you wish to complete and blog about your progress. Great way to be held accountable and meet other writers. I started at the top of the year. Learn at bit about my myself and my writing habits.

  2. Is exciting to hear what you've learned so far from participating in ROW80, Cindy. When you set your writing goals, do you have an idea of when you want to complete your WIPs by? Or is it enough to have shown up to them a few times over the round?


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