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Monday, October 27, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 27: Sensations of Sleep

I took this is a literal way; how I feel when I fall sleep. In the process I discovered to words that I didn't really know the definitions to and when I look them up, somehow, they just fit even more perfectly. Huzzah! I love learning new things and being corrected when I am using a word wrong (as I now realize).

It's early and I am getting a jump on things this week. The sun in cresting over the hills and the world is still muchly darken and beautiful. As much as I fight mornings, they really as pretty wonderful. I was going to write in a form this morning, but what come out in free verse works just as well. Must be the Morning Goddess blessing me today. Enjoy, Dear Readers and have a stellar day!

Corning Sunrise

OctPoWriMo a poetry challenge where you write a poem a day for 31 days. Read my fellow poets works here.

The Prompt: Let's write about sleep. What does it feel like as you're drifting off or as you're returning to wakefulness? Do you dream vividly in color? Explore the physical sensations of sleep and dreaming in a free-write and see what surfaces as the story to be told in your poem.

Word Prompts: sleep (sleepy, sleeping), dream (dreaming, dreamer), nap, awake, insomnia

Sensations of Sleep

When the limbs begins to tingle
From MorgueFile
as I'm lying in my bed.
The sounds become muted--
the TV singing softly of
the late night talk show chorus
to the sounds of the furnace roaring.
The world has begun to slow down
in slow dance of miasmic rhythm
and a dance of somatic nature.
My recollections faded
as my vision becomes blurred
at the edge of all reason
at least that what I've been told
when the body at last begins to sleep
and that's when dreaming begins.


  1. "When body begins to sleep, dreaming begins." I think it's true. Though I feel one should dream more while being awake. :) well penned. :)

  2. Beautiful description of a sleep state!

  3. I like that: slow dancing to sleep, on the edge. Thanks for sharing a great poem.

  4. OOh...I really like this Cindy. I practice a relaxation technique at night when I have trouble sleeping and by the end of it my whole body is tingling and heavy and that's when I realize...I'm dreaming. LOL.

    1. I'm glad that my poetry is striking chords with people! ;-)

  5. Everything about this is hypnotic, relaxing and makes me want to go to sleep. Well done, Cindy!

    1. That's what I was ultimately going for. Glad you enjoyed it.


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