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Sunday, October 12, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 12: Obsessing Over Goals?

It's SUNDAY!!! Time for some updates and poetry....

 For a day of rest I have been busy, mostly catching up on housework, laundry, dishes, trash, cat litter, all the fun things that make life worth living. Um, okay, might be the coffee talking. But seriously after I posting my big The Last Unicorn review I kind of slowed down. I didn't stop, but somethings were placed on the back burner while I got myself put together. It had been A LONG WEEK. My boss from the day job was on vacation and everything just went bonkers and I needed a bit of detox with friends this weekend.

Today I am back on the wagon, horse, bicycle and coasting along with renewed vigor. I do not have a lot to report today, as I am working on ALL TEH THINGS I didn't really accomplish between Friday and Saturday. I will give you an idea of where I am though.

Positives this week:
    *OctPoWriMo: the poems are wide and varied this month. It's good though. I have stretched myself by trying Acrostic Poetry. It's not something I really thought about. Wasn't sure what to think about the form, honestly it looked strange. But on Friday I needed something to write and else was coming, so I tried it. I ended up writing a nice piece about Mental Health (see Friday's post). Morgan Dragonwillow is pretty good at Acrostic Poetry by the way.
    *Writing: mostly A Round of Words check-in and OctPoWriMo, also writing in my journal.
    *Reading: had returned to American Gods by Neil Gaiman and am progressing through the novel and working on Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

This week's focus:
    *Submitting: I am making this a priority this week. I know some of the journal I had submitted to a few month back are coming to their next deadline. I want make those deadlines. Having some new writing, both poetry and stories, this ultimately excited.
    *Editing: The Audition. Gonna take it one piece and one goal at a time. This week, The Audition gets revised, BIG TIME!!

Feeling much better after my weekend, Dear Readers. It is definitely important to unplug and enjoy eating at a restaurant called Jellybeans the Restaurant. If you are in Erwin, NY (next to Painted Post, NY) you should stop in. Great food, fantastic portions, and wide variety and you get jellybeans instead of mints (unless you don't like jellybeans). Restaurant is still fantastic!


Writing Prompt: Desire, Lust, Wanting, Love, Enraptured, Obsession

Chosen Form: Pantoum

Wanting to Lust

Give to me the passion that is your own,
it's a burning in my core that keeps me warm.
I want to know what it feels like,
with your arms wrapped around.

It's a burning in my core that keeps me warm,
from MorgueFile
when I see you walk past with your girlfriend
with your arms wrapped around
and the fire is kindled into a blaze.

When I see you walk past with your girlfriend
I know my jealous shows, but it's my desire too.
And the fire is kindled into a blaze
as strong as your grip around her waist.

I know my jealous shows, but it's my desire too
to take you in my arms with
as strong as your grip around her waist.
My lust is only for your, my Love.

To take you in my arms with
those enrapturing blue eyes of yours.
My lust is only for you, my Love
to give me the passion  that is your own.

Not my usual fluffy warm sentiment, but something in the prompt spoke to my of strong desire and over obsession. I wanted to see where the obsession went. Sometimes I need to try writing the darker feelings, the more disturbing scenes just to balance out my writing. I hope you like it. I think it came out okay. It was the first time in while where I went back to revise a line or two. I usually just write the poem, the pantoum. Today's was a little different. It felt different. I wanted to make sure all of the stanzas connected correctly to tell the story right.

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  1. I like this. Very nice. I really like the flow and how well each stanza continues like a round robin in a way, extending the feeling but expanding the emotion. Well done! (I also like your last name ;-) )

    1. Great Scott! It's another Scott!! :-) Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Oh, I love this! I haven't looked at pantoum: I may have to. There are a few similar elements in my desire poem, too...

    The prompt made me think of T'Pol and Trip....well, OK, it's not too hard to think of people who've decided to live in my head full-time, and are both waay too stubborn to evict!

    It sounds like you're making great progress. Sometimes time off is the bet thing I can do for my writing, and I always have back-burner projects. My mind works best that way.

    We're almost neighbors. I live in the Hudson Valley! =D

    1. Cool! Hi Neighbour! ~waves~

      I've become partial to pantoum in the last year or so. They are such fun to write.

      As long as they (T'Pol and Trip) don't rack up long distance phone bills or eat all your [brain] food. :-)

  3. Yee-haw! Wait to get right back on that horse and get some rein on your focus and your goals! We don't always get everything done, but we're pretty good at working around what we'd like to get done, aren't we?

    I really like the way the lines sort of mirror back on each other, too. Very cool and very well done. I like seeing repetitions like that in poetry, and pantoums can be a fun challenge to write.

    And, if I may be allowed a little bit of promotion, if you're looking for places to submit, the deadline for my new journal, World Unknown Review are open until October 31st! You should check it out (if you haven't already).


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