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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 7: Silent Truths

Use the following to write of the Silence, whether quote, or picture, or actual silence for 5 minutes.

My truths come from the mornings, that time when the dawn has not broken, or just after. I can see the truth of the Universe between the wisps of fog and the early sunbeams. The world and the universe are ours for the taking and the giving, if we open ourselves up to the basic core, the eternal beat of the earth, the silence that is before the beginning.

 Wow! Feeling a touch prophetic and ephemerally tonight. I guess the prompt today did it's job. While I can't always turn off the noise I feel that this is a good prompt to be periodically. I did not do to the task based prompt. Unfortunately I have a bit too much to do, so I stuck with the quote and the picture. And pretty did I get with this one.

Actually I really like this one and am pretty proud of today's poem. Hope you enjoying reading it, Dear Readers, as much as I like writing it.

Quote Prompt:

“Silence introduced in a society that worships noise is like the Moon exposing the night. Behind darkness is our fear. Within silence our voice dwells. What is required from both is that we be still. We focus. We listen. We see and we hear. The unexpected emerges.”

Picture Prompt

Silent Truths

Have you even seen
the morning dawn,
The morning is the silence
where you hear yourself.

We are the lost.

The truth speaks
when all else has been turned off,
when the only other sound
is the heartbeat within your ears.

We are the found.

In a world of noise pollution,
where you have to scream to be heard
it is hard to know truth's whisper,
like a lover forgotten.

We are the  lost.

When noise is the 
sermon of the masses, 
yet you feel there is more
than the pounding civilization makes.

We are the Found.

When before the just born dawn,
naked and exposed.
And forsaken the overly loud
and constant volume,
 to hear the Universe be.

We are the Found among the Lost.

Come a visit the others a OctPoWriMo! It's good Karma!!

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