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Friday, October 3, 2014

OctPoWriMo: The Tri-fall!

A Tri-Fall. That is what style recommended and this means I am going to attempt it. A tri-fall is a three stanza poem of six lines each, following a rhyme and metered pattern of A, B, C, A, B, C and 6/3/8/6/3/8. Quite a challenging form, indeed.

I actually had a chance to brain storm today during the day job for a few hours. Not that I was slacking, but I had a few moments where I could let my mind wandered.

Today's prompt is SWEET, CANDY, SUGAR, INDULGENCE, and while I had my pick of topic, everything from cheesecake to my husband. I was a little worried that I wasn't going to find my muse. There were a number of ways I could have taken the sweet or sugary approach too. 

I wanted something different. I want sweet to be a person. Sweet can mean love, and I know a Love, Sara Love. I then channeled Neil Gaiman and wrote a poem in the vein of Stardust, but NOT. A lady as sweet as everything and joyous as the heavens.

Proposal of a Star

It is because of you, Dear
That I write--
For a love that burns in your core.
The sweetest star here,
Glowing bright
That hardly do I not feel poor.

If emotions were means
I would be
A lonely Prince among the stars.
But one boon then, my Queen--
May I see
Something that takes my unseen scars?

Loving you I have done,
But lonely.
Yet I find myself quite living.
Will you please join the fun?
Come and see
A world, to you I am giving.

from Morgue File
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  1. So very sweet, Cindy.
    "The sweetest star here,
    Glowing bright
    That hardly do I not feel poor."


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