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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Round of Audio Poetry and Plans

It's been a bit of a blur lately, Dear Readers, what with the rehearsals, props, emailing, improv, and everything. Don't even get me started on the day job! I suppose I will leave it at that. Its a day job and I answer the phone. It is enough to know that I don't like answering phones. But, it pay the bills.

Anyway, off track. Busy week....Blah, blah, blah.

It is late and I will keep this short, as I normally do on Wednesday (rehearsal nights). I am pleasantly aqble to say that I have made some progress this week. Maybe not every area. Alas, there are not enough hours in the days to get everything done, but it's a nice start.

    *Editing: first major accomplishment this week. I took my general re-write notes on the first three pages of The Audition and typed them up on the new script. It is only 8 pages to begin with, but it is going to be a full rewrite. The plot involves the same two leads Betsy and Justin. Not sure if it'll still be a comedy, might  be more a dramedy. Some back history, The Audition is a show I wrote for Keuka Lake Players 24 Hour Theatre in September 2013 and is a 1 act about Betsy's first BIG time audition. The original was a silly little comedy script. I want to make it tighter and trying to go for a deeper more mature script. Yesterday, I also took some notes for the next three pages. I have an idea where to take Betsy and Justin (might change the names too). Anyway, major progress on that project.
     *Reading: American Gods (Neil Gaiman) is getting good. Passed the halfway mark. I am currently spending any waking time on reading this book. All others on hold. It's a real detailed story and I need to focus on it. It's my first Gaiman novel, so it's special and I am trying to acclimate myself to his writing style. Other book in queue, Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood) and The Winner Take All (A Doctor Who novel).
     *Writing: currently most of my this week has been for OctPoWriMo. I wrote a flash fiction piece last week about Dinosaurs. And I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. I need to focus more on that. Not just say it but DO EEET! It's coming. I will do better. I will! More forthcoming!
            >Improv show is set and titled The Fright Before Christmas. Just needing to get people together. Improv, check.
Rehearse some (means practice). Have a poster and spreading the word. And then do it of course! Had a set back with my first location choice. It didn't pan out. Just wish the lady was honest with me about not being interested in putting on a word there. Anyway the show is looking good.
            >Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. Got most of the costumes, the set is nearly done, lines are coming along. I have set up a TV appearance, emailed press releases to two newspapers. so things are coming together. Santa, check.
To accomplish: 
    *Finish going over The Audition and get notes and plot outlined.
    *Blog this week.
    *Finish American Gods by Halloween.
    *Enjoy Halloween!

Come a visit with the Round of Words in 80 Days crew here!

Also, I posted my daily OctPoWriMo entry, but today's prompt was about audio and I didn't have access to recording a poem at the day job. I then had rehearsal until 9:00 tonight. So, with a bit of help from the Hubs who does this kind of thing for a living I recorded In Wartime.


  1. Halloween? AAH! I need to finish my kid's costume!
    Actually, I lucked out today. She kept changing her mind about what version of Frozen's "Elsa" she wanted to be. She had settled on vampire-Elsa, and I was going to make the costume. Alas, that did not happen. Also, Elsa costumes in little sizes are easy to come by, but not so easy to find in size 8-10. I bought a vampire costume, and fortunately she fell in love with it and abandoned the Elsa idea completely!

  2. You're reading American Gods? So am I! I'm listening to it on audio because my son (he's 25) recommended it to me. It's...different. But I'm enjoying it.

    Good luck on your projects!


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