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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 24 - Blitz (Emotional Blitz)

Writing Prompts: sexuality, books, music, nature, poetry

Poetic Form: Blitz Poem

GaborfromHungry form MorgueFile

Emotional Blitz

read me a story
read my poetry
poetry is books
poetry will sing
sing this line
sing the emotion
emotion makes you cry 
emotion is life
life is all around
life is sunshine
sunshine rises
sunshine to brighten
brighten my mood
brighten the sky
sky is blue 
sky is cloudy
cloudy nature
cloudy mood
mood is music
mood is everything
everything is signal
everything in time
time can be wasted
time can be earned
earned a moment
earned a dollar
dollar for a candy bar
dollar for your thoughts
thoughts are incomplete
thoughts are you
you can only
you are real
real is the sunlight 
real is the blood
blood pulses through
blood sustains
sustains my soul
sustains my hunger
hunger for the words 
hunger for the love
love me when
love for you
you are sexuality
you can truly be
be aware of the
be aware of me
me I am
me I love


  1. your form looks like a living thing and the words bring it to life. love this!

    1. Why thank you. Blitz poems do seem to have a life of their own, especially when writing them.


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