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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 25 - Satisfaction (Ode to Satisfy)

The Prompt: In what ways to you taste satisfaction?

Word Prompts: taste, satisfaction, food, sample, accomplishment

Poetic Form: Perhaps an Ode would be appropriate.

Ode to Satisfy

With accomplishment
comes the satisfaction--
to eye 
and tongue.

that burns within
and hearts,
a longing for something 
not currently possessed.

Sweet to taste,
like ambrosia,
maybe honey
or sucrose,
if never having tasted ambrosia;
can be sour too,
in the wrong doses.

Either way,
it can be addiciting,
like heroin,
deadly or life saving,
how will you satisfy yours?

Poem says it all, Dear Readers. I do have a question about writing poetry. Do you just write and let it be, or do you write and revise your poems until they sound right? I realized that I often write a poem and only revise (tinker) spelling, maybe some grammar work as necessary, and only  sometimes include actual revisions. Let me know how often to revise a poem after you write it. Enjoy!

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