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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 31 - Halloween (Hallow's Eve)

Word Prompts: mysteriously random, foggy night, crimson, midnight, shadow, smoke, raven,
scarlet, umber, rust

Random Word Generator: pink, identical, herald, academic, pork, stage

Maena from MorgueFile

Hallow's Eve

It's all academic,
they say--
foggy night,
random shadows, 
but how do you know about the spooks
spirits that haunt Halloween night?

Give me shadows,
a quiet walk through a silent neighbourhood,
filled with pumpkins
and children's laughter,
and then suddenly 
you heard the music,
no one is around--
or are they?

Footsteps following,
hollow sounding on the concret pavement,
a glance back,
you know the feeling,
sure of the knife wielding
behind the hedges,
looking for his sister?

Darken house,
crimson light
coming from behind closed doors
and humming within the walls--
is this a nightmare
or just a fantasy created in my head?

Is this at all real,
or maybe just the result of
late night horror movie showcase.

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