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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

OctPoWri Mo - Day 17 - The Dragon Chose... (Minimal Dream)

The Prompt

Here's my challenge to you: Choose 50 words. Write a poem using only those words, repeating and rhyming as you see fit. You can use the words as many times as you like, but limit yourself to just the 50 words.

Not particularly please with this poem, Dear Readers. I had wanted to play with rhyme, but there didn't seem to be time. (Oh, hahaha, Dear Muse!) Taking the feel and ambiance of the fairy tale, I free versed it. There is some potential there, but it's not what I was aiming for.

I used more than 50 words and only repeated one line three times, but still I feel there is something in this poem to maybe return to after OctPoWriMo and review it.

I would love input of this one, Readers. Do you think it works? Favourite parts? Weakest part? Leave me some love in the comments below. Enjoy!

Word Prompts: And the dragon chose, fairy tale, fantasy, minimalism, fiction

from MorgueFile
Minimal Dream

And the dragon chose
a tasty reminder-- 
always take 
the quixotic route 
to adventure,
as you will find yourself 
eating Turkish Delites
when you can no longer stand--
the dragon chose,
to ask you to the prom
dancing in times
and in musical rhyme.

and shining.
Travel by umbrella,
on breezes that taste of
lemon and meringue,
so soft and fluffy
only to arrive at your destination--
you'll never guess where...

...upon your bed,
laughing as the Dragon chose
for you to
eat your pillow
as you would eat a
Turkish Delite.


  1. Ah so fun! and a bit twisted which I like!

  2. you definitely captured the surreal quality of a dream in your poem. i found the ending delightful :)


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