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Sunday, October 15, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 13 - Artist/Painting (Loving the Night)

Artists, Painters, Vincent Van Gogh, very few artist  will bring me to tears, make me gasp, and truly make me glad to be able to appreciate art. Vincent is the artist that made me realize that art, specifically paintings arr just as much of an escape as books or music. His work also reminded me that there are other painters that can inspire such emotion as his.

Starry Night. I was introduced to it in 6th grade art class, and a project that I really can't remember, except  that we made art. But, there it was, swirls of paint in a sea of blue. I was struck by it's power. That day we also listened to a song by Don Mclean  (Vincent) that also made me see the power that Vincent had over people, even though he never felt he had control over his own life. His paintings are wonderful. They show an invisible world that only Vincent knew, a sad and mysterious world, but yet so full of beauty and possibly even love (okay, and probably some alcohol induced paintings, but you know, what artist wasn't inspired by an outside substance?). And then there was the episode of Doctor Who,  "Vincent and the Doctor", yeah, all the feelings.

Note: Susan Werner did an amazing cover of Vincent that out does Don Mclean's version.

Vincent meets Lucy
There is even a movie, "Loving Vincent", that I am determined to see, because it is made of animated oil paintings, CGI, and live action.

Yeah, I love Vincent! I even named my stuffed turkey vulture, Vincent. I have not shame. :-)

Word Prompts: painting

from wikipedia

Loving the Night

Remember seeing the sworls of paint,
reminding me of a child's finger painting
with blobs of yellow 
swimming in a sea of blue.

and satisfying,
the teacher explained,
practicing art 
within the prescribed time.

Listening to songs,
the dark,
of the night sky
and the lonely man
who saw a beauty
that no one could understand,
who painted 
his sadness to canvas.

There were sunflowers,
and cafes,
churches too,
maybe there really was
a monster that followed him.
After a distant story of 
a mad man visiting
the painter,
realization that those monsters,
are only captured

...years later
and a million glances,
smiling at the sworls,
at the sadness
of the man
who translated the invisible
into something real.

Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum
Church at Auvers (1890)

Dear Readers, what is your favourite painting or sculpture? Favourite artsit? What art inspires you to paint, write, or makes you feel all the feels? Drop me a comment below. Enjoy!!

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