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Monday, October 30, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 28 - Belonging (TRIBE)

Word Prompts: Affirmation, Clash, Community, Country, Estranged, Family, Flag,
Home, Team

Poetic Form: Clarity Pyramid

A Clarity Pyramid is a poem consisting of two triplets and a single line (7 lines in all). Usually, this poem is center aligned when displayed.

The first triplet has 1, 2, and 3 syllables. The title of the poem is the one-syllable word of the first triplet, which is displayed in all capital letters. This line is followed by a two-syllable line, and then a three-syllable line, both of which clarify the definition of the poem, or are synonyms for the title.

The second triplet has 5, 6, and 7 syllables. Its design is based around a life event contained within the triplet which helps give a poetic view or outlook on the first line (title).

The last line is 8 syllables, and is in quotations as this line contains a quote that defines the first word (title).

Melodi2 from MorgueFile



in what passes for
we know of love and trust
"arranged unconventionally".

This is a different style of poem for me to write, and while it wasn't difficult with this day's topic, I still had trouble find the right words. This poem mean a lot to me on a very personal level, Dear Readers, and not one that people are likely to guess. I leave you with the image I've created of happy bonds of a tribe. 

Mine is those closest to my heart, and I consider myself part of various tribes. The most important are the theatre and writer tribes with which I share a common love of theatre and writing. There is also my family tribe (which isn't always blood related), my blood tribe (family) of course, and other smaller or specific tribes (fandoms and clubs) like Whovians and Desert Listeners (Night Vale). If you think about it, Dear Reader, there are so many way you can sort yourself into tribes.

How you view your tribe?  Who is included? What do you stand for; gender, sexuality, similar interests, etc?

Leave me some love and a comment below. Enjoy!

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