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Sunday, October 1, 2017

OctPoWriMo Day 1 - Why Am I here? (Writer's Purpose)

Happy OctPoWriMo, Dear Readers!

Today's Prompts: family tree, DNA, roots and branches, origin story, ancestry, heritage

From MorgueFile

Writer’s Purpose

Upon the road I traveled,
So long and far 
Sometimes I’ve been alone,
With a companion
Singing the praising of the open road,
Vastness of the skies,
Deepness of the voids.

To be specific,
I have traveled far--
An adventurer lost to the desertscapes 
With no water,
Shoulder deep in quicksand,
Or out thumbing it across the miles
Like a female Kerouac;
Getting off on Billy’s sonnets,
Lulled to sleep by Poe’s grotesque songs,
Or singing the praises of Frosty’s travels 
Through woods dark and deep.

All the way grasping at my own experiences,,
Maybe seeking meaning in the course corrections
Birthed from catastrophes,
Rhyming my sadness
To the orgasmic joys of success.
I am not alone
With the words I put to page,
Or digital text,
Because I am reaching out to you,
Lighting the way in the darkness
That has forced itself upon everyone
At some time in our lives.

I am here,
Because others came before,
To speak their truths,
Tell their stories,
Build their mythologies,
As I am doing now.

7:51 pm

I wrote this in 10 minutes, but I had been thinking about the topic since about noon. Every writer, poet, playwright, artist, person has a story, they mileage varies and makes their stories unique. I wanted to tell mine, especially my story from the last two years, but oddly enough the words that came were more of why I write, and my influences. It's funny, you know what you want to write, but sometimes the words will still surprise you. Enjoy!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this lovely almost spiritual travelogue that recounts the places you've been, those benchmarks and connections, and the images create a feeling of nostalgia, appreciation, and strength. Yes, it's good to be back! Have a good month writing poetry.


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